Residorm Student Dorms

About Us

We, as the Residorm Student Dorms for Higher Education, were established in 2013 as a part of MV Holding. With our total housing capacity of 4000, we provide services in the Balıkesir, Kırıkkale and Muğla Universities.

We operate as a dormitory chain in “Yahşihan” campus of the Kırıkkale University, the “Kötekli” campus of the Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University and the “Çağış” campus of the Balıkesir University, under the supervision of these universities.

We are “right in the campus, just next to the faculties”. Our students not only avoid the transportation costs and the risk of being late for class, but also benefit from utilities, internet connection, housekeeping services and hot and cold drinking water without making any extra payment. In September 2015, we added catering services for breakfast and dinner to our services to solve one of the important problems experienced by our students.

Our top priority is to ensure the security and wellbeing of our students. For this purpose and considering the students’ basic needs, we designed our dormitories as earthquake resistant buildings in accordance with the global standards and the fire regulations, and equipped them with state of art automatic fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems.

Our colorful, modern and comfortable buildings are available for the accommodation of female and male students at affordable prices. Our students’ security is ensured by the security personnel of each university campus. Students enter their blocks through turnstile gates. Our reception personnel work on a 24 hour basis to meet to our students’ needs and solve their problems. In each dormitory, we have 40 employees operating the laundry, the self-catering kitchen, the movie, TV, music, recreation and study halls, the soundproof study rooms for students studying music, the canteen etc. for making the students comfortable when they’re studying away from their homes.

To avoid any interruption in our high technology buildings of approximately 20,000 square meters each, our technical personnel capable of the maintenance and repair of the electric, electronic and plumbing system work 24/7, even on weekends and public holidays.

The facilities located just next to the Residorm buildings have extra amenities, such as supermarkets, cafes, restaurant and fitness centers that allow the students to meet their basic needs without leaving the campus.

Residorm allows students to choose their roommates. We allocate the rooms taking into consideration the students’ faculties, and whether they are students of first-daytime programs or second-nighttime programs to promote the students’ success. Our students get more advantages and discounts for every year they stay in the Residorm’s dormitories. As Residorm, we don’t only provide accommodation, but we also support our students’ personal and social development by organizing trainings, seminars, sports and arts events and various tournaments. We prepare them for the future and provide internship and job opportunities. The assisting students working in Residorm play the lead roles in every event organized.