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Life in Residorm

Everything you are curious about the life in Residorm…


You may use our free and paid shuttles to reach your faculty or the city center. Our shuttle services vary depending on the city. For details, you may call Residorm.


There is a fitness center in the Residorm Kırıkkale, and the facilities next to the Residorm Balıkesir and the Residorm Mugla include fitness centers.


In our laundries, there are iron and ironing boards as well as laundry and drying machines. For details you may call Residorm.


Residorm has social areas where you can spend time on your interests and talents!


So you’re hungry in the middle of the night. The canteen in each Residorm building is open 24 hours a day!

Breakfast and dinner is served everday or only just weekdays depending on Residorm. To learn more about food service and catering hours you may call Residorm.


From PlayStation to table tennis, from backgammon to football, from chess to dart… If you’d like to be the Residorm champion, join a tournament!


Open-air cinema, art activities, live music, concerts and competitions… All in this festival!


Welcome party, New Year party, spring party… We always find something to celebrate in Residorm!


Trainings on career, environment, personal development etc…


Barbeque parties, salep parties in cold winter days, five o’clock tea parties…

Academic Calendar

University Registration Dates28th August – 1 st September 2023 
Course Registration11 -15 September 2023Balıkesir University
11 – 15 September 2023Kırıkkale University
18 – 22 September 2023Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University
Fall Semester18 September 2022 – 31 December 2023Balıkesir University
18 September  – 22 December 2023Kırıkkale University
25 September  – 29 December 2023Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University
Residorm Welcome PartyOctober 2023Residorm Balıkesir
October 2023Residorm Kırıkkale
October 2023Residorm Mugla
National Republic Day29th October 2023 
Residorm New Year PartyDecember 2023 
New Year1st January 2024 
Final Exams 2 – 12 January 2024Balıkesir University
2 – 14 January 2024Kırıkkale University
2 – 12 January 2024Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University
Fall Semester Make Up Exams22 – 26 January 2024Balıkesir University
22 – 28 January 2024Kırıkkale University
16 – 22  January 2024Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University
Semester Break Beginning27 January 2024Balıkesir University
29 January  2024Kırıkkale University
23 January 2024Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University
Spring Semester5 February  – 28 May 2024Balıkesir University
12 February  – 27 May 2024Kırıkkale University
5 February  – 22 May 2024Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University
National Sovereignty and Children’s Day23 April 2024 
International Workers’ Day1 May 2024 
Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day19 May 2024 
Spring Semester Final Exams29 May – 7 June 2024Balıkesir University
3 –  14 June 2024Kırıkkale University
23 May – 5 June 2024Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University
Spring Semester Make Up Exams24 – 28 June 2024Balıkesir University
24 – 30  June 2024Kırıkkale University
10 – 14 June 2024Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University
Summer Holiday Beginning29 June 2024Balıkesir University
1 July 2024Kırıkkale University
15 June 2024Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University
Balıkesir is an easy and safe city for students, and it’s also an entertaining city with the holiday resorts 1 or 2 hours away from the city. There are excursion alternatives. It is also close to metropolitans.


Balkart is the transit pass used in public busses and the fare is 30 TL

The fare of shuttles operating inside the campus is 8,5 TL

Transportation between the campus and the city center is available by bus (the KYK – Campus line).

Transportation between the campus and the bus terminal is available by the Terminal line busses or minibusses.

Distance to Faculties

The Residorm dormitory is at a walking distance to the faculties in the campus.


Ayvalık 127 km – 1 hours and 37 minutes

Edremit 112 km – 1 hours and 30 minutes

Burhaniye 93 km – 1 hours and 8 minutes

Akçay 95 km – 1 hours and 14 minutes

Movie Theatres

Yay/ada Cinemarina

Balıkesir Emek

Balıkesir Şan

Cinema Pink

Avlu Confrence and Culture Center

Shopping Malls

Festiva Outlet Susurluk AVM (on the Susurluk highway)

Yay/Ada Shopping Mall

10Burda Shopping Mall

Avlu Shopping Mall and Life Center

Museums and Historical Sites

The Fountain

The Clock Tower

Medical Centers

Balıkesir Atatürk Public Hospital

Balıkesir Public Hospital

Balıkesir Pulmonology Hospital

Balıkesir Oral and Dental Health Center

Balıkesir Private Şifa Hospital

Balıkesir Military Hospital

Travel Activities

Değirmen Boğazı Picnic Area


Atatürk Park

Kuvayi Milliye Events

Altıeylül National Fair


Muğla is famous for the holiday resorts nearby, such as Ortaca, Dalaman, Fethiye, Marmaris, Milas, Datça and Bodrum. The Kötekli area where the central campus of the university is located has developed rapidly in the recent years and become a student center.


In public busses, the fare is 7.70 TL.

Shuttle fare inside the campus is 4.95 TL.

Distance to Faculties

The Residorm dormitory is at a walking distance to the faculties in the campus


Merkez-otogar  6 km.

Ula 10 km.

Akyaka 22 km.

Marmaris 43 km.

Milas Havalanı 79 km.

Dalaman Havalanı 88,7 km.

Movie Theatres

Muğla Zeybek

Muğla Prestige Rüyapark

Shopping Malls

Festiva Outlet Shopping Mall

Rüyapark Shopping Mall

5M Migros Supermarket

Museums and Historical Sites

Ula Sedir Island

Yatağan Lagina

Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum

Bodrum Zeki Müren Art Museum

Bodrum Antique Theater 

Medical Centers

Muğla Training and Education Hospital

Private Yücelen Hospital

Family Health Center No. 1

Dr. Osman Terzioğlu Family Health Center

Concert Halls and Theatres

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Cultural Center

İskender Alper Cultural Center

Türkan Saylan Çağdaş Yaşam Center

Şadan Gökovalı Open Air Theater


Kırıkkale is a small city, but it has a growing student population increasing by approximately 6000 students per year. The city is close to Ankara.


In public busses, the fare for students is 2 TL between campus and Yenişehir.

In public busses, the fare for students is 5.50 TL between campus and city center.

Shuttle fare inside the campus is 2 TL.

Distance to Faculties

The Residorm dormitory is at a walking distance to the faculties in the campus


City Center: 7 kilometers

Yahşihan: 3,3 kilometers

Yenişehir: 1 kilometer

Keskin: 31 kilometers

Bahşılı: 10 kilometers

Hacılar: 22 kilometers

Movie Theatres

Podium Shopping Mall

Shopping Malls

ltunbilekler Shopping Mall

Podium Shopping Mall

Museums and Historical Sites

Weapon Industry Museum

Kozlu Antique City

Ceritkale Rock Graves

Çeşnigir Bridge

Sulu Cave

Medical Centers

Kırıkkale Public Hospital

Yahşihan Public Hospital

Kırıkkale High Specialty Hospital


Kırıkkale University Library